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For our entire lives we are bombarded by photos and someone saying 'cheese!'  I never understood why they didn't say 'smelly socks' or 'bamboo' instead but regardless of the circumstance photos have forever been a way with which we document the major moments of our lives.  Birthdays, celebrations, graduations, engagements, weddings, roadtrips, etc they become  a part of the scrapbook of our lives that we never realize we are creating. 


It is my hope and goal at the end of the day to help capture some of these moments in an attempt to freeze them in time.  So that one day when you look back upon all that you have done you can look at each one and remember the joy, the happiness, the laughter of each photograph. 

"With every kiss I steal, I wanna steal more..."

-Eli Young Band

"Every time I kiss you, it's like sunshine and whiskey..."

-Frankie Ballard

"Rode in as wild and free..."

-Cassadee Pope

"'Cause it's you I've always wanted..."

-Andrew Hyatt

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